Poly-Tex Snap & Grow Silver 6′ Greenhouse – HG6008 – FREE SHIPPING

For the serious gardener, the Snap & Grow Aluminum Frame Greenhouse is a gardening essential. Enjoy the satisfaction of growing plants from seeds and protecting plants from frost with this easy-to-assemble storage greenhouse. In any climate, this ventilated Poly-Tex greenhouse will extend your gardening season. With its roomy 6 x 8 interior storage space, the Snap & Grow Silver Greenhouse is a valuable addition to any yard or garden. It will help you get growing in a snap!

Engineered for Fast and Easy Assembly

The advanced engineering of this Snap & Grow Greenhouse makes assembly fast and easy. The heavy-duty aluminum frame can be quickly assembled thanks to Poly-Tex’s unique SmartLock connector system. Frame pieces snap together with no additional hardware. The crystal-clear polycarbonate SnapGlas panels then slide in and lock into place. No special tools are required.

The innovative split door and skylight window come preassembled out of the box. Both are equipped with weather stripping to keep out moisture and cold air. The door and adjustable window provide flexible ventilation options.

Made from Weather-Resistant Materials

Poly-Tex-Snap-&-Grow-Silver -6'-Greenhouse

Poly-Tex Snap & Grow Silver 6' Greenhouse

The Snap & Grow Greenhouse features a galvanized steel base kit that stabilizes the structure. Spike hold downs can be attached to a separate wood or concrete foundation to keep the greenhouse grounded. The polycarbonate panels are as clear as glass but are unbreakable, a far more practical option than glass for a residential outdoor greenhouse. The panels are also safer than glass, with no risk of dangerous breaks.

Designed with your Plants in Mind

The Snap & Grow Greenhouse uses polycarbonate panes to maximize heat retention and available light. These clear panes provide 100% UV protection. You can save money by starting plants from seeds in the greenhouse’s protected environment and then moving them into your garden when they are sturdy enough to survive outdoors. Potted plants that are at risk when temperatures drop have a much better chance of survival when placed in the Poly-Tex greenhouse. You’ll find yourself replacing fewer plants come spring.

The Poly-Tex Greenhouse provides nearly 50 square feet of usable storage space, enough for plants, potting materials and gardening tools and supplies. Maximum headroom is over 6 feet, allowing easy access to plants.

These days, most people are looking for ways to adopt a greener lifestyle. Installing a residential greenhouse is a great way to go green while nurturing your green thumb. In addition to being useful, this greenhouse is a beautiful decorative addition to any backyard or garden.

Poly-Tex Ventilated Silver Greenhouse Specifications

  • Overall dimensions: 8’4″ L x 6’3″ W x 6’9” H

Poly-Tex is a leading manufacturer of retail greenhouses and display systems, with over 21 years experience in providing the best environment for plants in a retail setting. Now they are applying their knowledge and experience to the home greenhouse market. The Silver Greenhouse has the same sturdy construction and attention to detail as Poly-Tex’s commercial greenhouses, allowing gardeners to protect both new and mature plants from the elements and from animal and insect pests.

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