Arrow Sentry Shed 6′ x 5′ – SY65 Free Shipping

The multi-functional Arrow Sentry Shed (model SY65) has room to accommodate a wide variety of storage needs. Large door openings maximize the 6’ x 5’ storage potential of this shed. Whether the storage requirements are for lawn-care tools, pool supplies or boating equipment, the Arrow Sentry Shed has the capacity to do the job. An economical price and free shipping make the Sentry one of the best values in storage sheds.

Galvanized Steel is Strong and Durable

The wall, roof and frame of the Sentry shed are made from heavy-duty, hot-dipped galvanized steel. Its painted exterior features a baked-on polyester enamel finish applied over a rust-inhibiting primer. Swing-open doors provide easy access and can be fitted with a padlock for increased security.

Arrow Sentry Steel Shed

Arrow Sentry Shed 6' x 5'

This Arrow outdoor shed features a gable-style roof design, a long-lasting eggshell finish and taupe trim. The overall style of the shed can be described as traditional. The durable construction and attractive appearance of the Arrow Sentry Shed make it a great addition to any home, business or boat yard.

Steel storage sheds are more weather-resistant then wooden sheds. Rot, mildew and pests are not a problem with a steel shed. There are also fewer maintenance requirements with steel as compared to wood. Sheds with a baked-on finish are not susceptible to the peeling and cracking that can occur with painted wooden sheds.

Faster Assembly with Rigid Lock Joint Technology

The new Rigid Joint system allows the Arrow Sentry 6’ x 5’ Shed to be assembled more quickly than other comparable storage sheds. Vertical wall panels snap together and then lock into place, eliminating many of the screws and bolts that are required for other metal sheds. All parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled and numbered for easy assembly. From start to finish, the Sentry shed can be completely assembled in just 1 to 3 hours.

Arrow Sentry Shed 6′ x 5′ – SY65 Specifications:

  • Dimensions in feet: 6’H x 6’W x 5’D
  • Storage capacity: 361 cubic feet

Optional Accessory Kits

There are several accessory kits available for the Arrow Sentry Shed. In addition to kits for shelves and hanging racks, these kits can be purchased to stabilize the shed and provide flooring.

  • Anchor kit with augers: Arrow Sentry Sheds must be anchored for maximum stability. This easy-to-install anchor kit includes heavy-duty steel augers, cable clamps and 60 ft. of aircraft strength cable. Once the anchors are installed in the ground, a force of 1500 lbs is needed to remove them.
  • Anchor kit for concrete: This kit allows the Sentry shed to be anchored to a concrete slab. Includes steel corner gussets, perimeter clips, lag bolts and a 1/4 inch masonry drill bit.
  • Floor Frame kit: This hot-dipped galvanized steel floor frame can be fitted with a plywood floor to keep stored items dry. Floor frame kit assembles in minutes; plywood floor would be purchased and installed separately.

Additional storage is one of the most desirable features in a home. Installing a shed with plenty of room and a clean design will add long-lasting value to any home. Whether used as a garden shed or home storage shed, the Arrow Sentry Shed – SY65 has the capacity, security and appealing look to add home value at a very reasonable price. This high-quality, low-coast Arrow shed also comes with a 12-year limited warranty.

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