Suncast Vertical Garden Shed GS4000 FREE SHIPPING

Keep your yard and garage clutter-free and your gardening tools close at hand with the Suncast Vertical Garden Shed. This attractive garden shed is made from long-lasting resin and includes lockable double doors. Lawn mowers, rakes, shovels, clippers and other gardening equipment will stay dry and secure in this model GS4000 Vertical Resin Garden Shed. Quick assembly, a low price and free shipping make this an easy, low-cost option for backyard storage needs.

For homeowners who would like to free up valuable garage space, this resin shed can also be used to store bicycles and patio furniture as well as pool and barbecue equipment. It can be fitted with hanging racks and stands for sports and camping equipment. With dimensions of 72.5″ H x 55″ W x 37″ D and a weight of 136 lbs, the Suncast Vertical Garden Shed is just the right size for smaller yards and patios. The clean lines and compact size of the Suncast GS4000 Garden Shed make it a useful addition to any home.

Durable, Secure and Weather Resistant

Suncast Vertical Garden Shed

This all-season shed keeps wind and moisture out so that shed contents remain safe and dry. The maintenance-free resin surface of this garden shed has been treated to resist weather damage and fading. The light taupe color blends in with any type of landscaping. Unlike wooden or metal storage units, this resin shed is rust-proof and bug-proof. The surface of the Suncast Garden Shed can be easily cleaned with any all-purpose cleaner.

The Vertical Resin Garden Shed features a built-in floor and built-in shelf supports (shelf not included). The flat roof can be used for additional storage if desired. Wide double doors swing open completely for easy access. A front ramp makes it easy to move wheeled items in and out of the shed. A padlock hasp and foot-lock secures both doors to the front ramp.

The Suncast Garden Shed is completely portable and once assembled can be moved from one location to another. It should be placed on firm and level ground so that the doors will swing open completely. Note that in areas with high wind and little shelter, the shed should be secured to avoid blowing over.

Easy Assembly

Assembling the Suncast Vertical Garden Shed is a breeze – all the pieces snap together. In less than an hour, you have a completed shed that’s ready to use. Instructions are provided to aid in assembly and can be downloaded from the Suncast website. Suncast provides a toll free number for Customer Support and ordering replacement parts.

Suncast Vertical Garden Shed Specifications:

  • Overall Dimensions: 72.5″ H x 55″ W x 37″ D
  • Storage Capacity: 60 cubic ft
  • Weight: 136 lbs

Whether you’re decluttering your yard or pool or looking for a handy place to store gardening equipment, the Suncast GS4000 Garden Shed is an inexpensive solution. It’s the perfect storage shed for tall items and items that need to remain dry. It comes with a 1 year limited warranty and is currently available with free shipping.

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