Duramax SideMate Shed and Foundation (4′ x 8′)

If you want something that is extremely durable and will last years to hold all those garden tools look no further. Duramax SideMate shed and foundation will fit the bill perfectly. This is one shed that will take whatever the weather wants to dish out and continue to look beautiful year after year. Duramax is so sure of their products that they have a 15 year warranty.

This awesome shed is better than any type of lean too that you would want to build on your home or outbuilding. It comes all in one package with easy to follow instructions. It even has pre-drilled holes so that you know you are lined up and on the right track. Optional features can be added to this shed such as windows if you want them. It is a two man job but shouldn’t take more than three to four hours to assemble.

Duramax 4' x 8' SideMate Shed and Foundation

Duramax 4' x 8' SideMate Shed and Foundation

Duramax stands for maximum durability and that is what you will get with this shed. Thanks to a resin that they have developed even people living in high sun areas will not have the fade problem that most vinyl sheds have. It comes in a beige color that will fit in naturally with most landscapes.

Not Your Average Shed

One of the best features of this shed is that it is maintenance free. Once it is up then you never have to worry about painting or treating it. The metal reinforced wall columns give it the great strength to withstand all types of weather. Just think no mildew, termites or other little pesky critters to worry about. The material is fire retardant giving it an added safety feature that you don’t usually get when trying to build one from scratch.

This shed comes with the option to purchase a sliding panel window that is just as easy to install. This is great for people who like to use natural lighting. The door is a perfect size at thirty inches making it easy to maneuver tools in and out of the shed. A galvanized metal foundation comes with the kit and assures you that the shed is plumb when you are done.

It doesn’t come with the plywood to lie on top of the foundation but that is easy to obtain and can be put in after the shed is assembled. The interior height once assembled is sixty-two inches which is great for most people with this type of shed. You will love knowing that it is something that you built yourself. With everything there including great instructions you will soon have a shed that you will be proud of for years to come.

Dimensions: 73″ H x 48″ W x 94″ D  173 lbs

Don’t just take my word for it go ahead and check out all the great features that this Duramax SideMate shed has to offer now. With a great price and the peace of mind that you will get from buying a shed that you know will last is the best thing to do. Go ahead and purchase one today.

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