Flowerhouse Conservatory Greenhouse w/ Free Butterfly Folding Stool – FHCV900 FREE SHIPPING!

March 7, 2010

This charming Flowerhouse lightweight greenhouse provides an economical and portable greenhouse solution for plants and flowers. Made from clear PVC, this greenhouse provides maximum heat retention and light transmission for seedlings and mature plants. Standing10 ft high and 9 ft in diameter, this greenhouse can double as an outdoor conservatory. The addition of portable shelving and an outdoor table and chairs will make this one of your favorite places to relax and enjoy an outdoor meal. A unique folding stool with a butterfly design is provided as a free bonus.

Fun Shelter for Plants and Flowers

The Flowerhouse Greenhouse is constructed with Gro-Tec materials that provide an optimum growing environment for plants. The polyethylene covering has rip-stop protection and is 100% waterproof, weatherproof and UV resistant. When the doors and windows are closed, the greenhouse will maintain the high humidity level that growing plants love. Start seedlings in the protected shelter of this greenhouse, or set it up as need to protect potted plants from wind, frost, snow and rapid drops in temperature. Gardening will be more fun when you can protect your plant investment from insects, birds, animals and cold weather. Read more

Duramax WoodBridge Shed (10′5 X 7.8′) – 00211 Free Shipping

February 15, 2010

The Duramax WoodBridge Shed is roomy enough for almost any home storage requirement. With over 480 cubic ft of storage space, this walk-in shed can accommodate lawn mowers, bicycles, patio furniture, pool equipment and more. All-weather vinyl provides a weather resistant, maintenance-free storage solution. A variety of custom options and free shipping make the WoodBridge Shed (model 00211) the perfect choice for any garden or backyard.

This Duramax storage shed is over 10’ wide and has double doors with handles for easy access. Tall enough to stand in, this shed can be used for garden tool storage or to store stepladders or other tall items. It can also be used to store camping equipment, holiday decorations, excess furniture and a wide range of other items. Read more

Duramax 4′X8′ SideMate Garden Shed and Foundation – 00614 FREE SHIPPING

February 11, 2010

The Duramax 4’x8’ Sidemate Garden Shed has a clean, contemporary appearance that make it a handsome addition to any yard or garden. Designed to be placed adjacent to a house or garage, the SideMate Garden Shed will look like a natural extension of your home structure. It can also be positioned next to a garden wall or fence. The SideMate Shed (Model 00614) is made from durable vinyl and is equipped with a metal foundation. With over 150 cubic ft. of storage space and free shipping, the Duramax SideMate Garden Shed offers exceptional storage value.

Designed to Last

The Duramax SideMate Garden Shed is constructed of weather-resistant vinyl. The neutral sandy beige color of this shed will blend in with any type of landscape. The SideMate Shed’s slatted vinyl walls put it a cut above a metal or wooden storage buildings. Vinyl is maintenance free and will never require painting or refinishing. The SideMate Shed has been treated with fire retardant and is resistant to rust, rot, denting, mildew, mold and fading. The walls are reinforced with a solid metal insert in each column and are snow-load tested for up to 640 lbs of snow (or 20 lbs per square ft). Read more

Suncast Verticle Garden Shed GS4000 FREE SHIPPING

February 9, 2010

Keep your yard and garage clutter-free and your gardening tools close at hand with the Suncast Vertical Garden Shed. This attractive garden shed is made from long-lasting resin and includes lockable double doors. Lawn mowers, rakes, shovels, clippers and other gardening equipment will stay dry and secure in this model GS4000 Vertical Resin Garden Shed. Quick assembly, a low price and free shipping make this an easy, low-cost option for backyard storage needs. Read more

Little Cottage Company 8X12 Workshop FREE SHIPPING

February 5, 2010

What hobbyist, woodworker, crafter or gardener wouldn’t look forward to working in the Little Cottage Company 8 x 12 Workshop? The authentic cottage design of this shed makes it a beautiful addition to any backyard. The Little Cottage Workshop (model WCFAD8) looks like a custom-designed shed, but comes with a considerably lower price tag. Add free shipping and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better value for the price. Read more

Handy Home Premier Series Columbia Storage Shed – 18215-0 FREE SHIPPING

February 4, 2010

The unique design of the Wood Columbia Storage Shed gives it the look of a custom-designed building. Cottage-style details include a gabled roof and barn door with wooden trim. Optional window with shutters and flower box add to the charm of this wood storage shed. Read more

ShelterLogic Shelter 8′ Round Style -768-X Free Shipping

January 31, 2010

ShelterLogic is America’s top portable shelter manufacturer, and this 8’ Round Style Shelter (model 768-X) illustrates why. The ShelterLogic’s trademarked RoundTop design is the perfect solution for a backyard shed, storage shelter or vehicle covering. The rounded radius steel frame and heavy-duty cover keep snow, debris and water from accumulating and provide enhanced wind resistance. The 8’ Round Style Shelter will also protect vehicles from UV rays that can ruin a paint finish.

When building a permanent garage or storage shed is not an option, a portable shelter is the next best thing. Reclaim yard and garage space by utilizing the Round Style Shelter as a wood shed, tool shed or garden shed. It can also be used to as a reliable shelter for cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs, jet skis and motorcycles. This ShelterLogic portable shelter provides year round coverage and protection at an economical price.

ShelterLogic Backyard Storage Shed

ShelterLogic Round Storage Shed 8'

Block foundations and pony walls can be easily incorporated with the RoundTop design. It’s no wonder that the Round Style Shed is the shelter of choice for construction, farming and recreational vehicles and equipment. With free shipping as an added incentive, there’s never been a better time to invest in a ShelterLogic Round Style Shelter.

Superior Frame Design and Materials

The RoundTop design is built on a ribbed frame made up of 1 5/8 in. diameter tubing. A cross-rail system of tubes locks the ribs in place. The shelter kit includes frame slip connectors that make assembly a breeze.

ShelterLogic equips each Round Style Shelter with superior frame components. Two types of frame materials are available:

  • Galvanized Steel – Carbon steel tubing is galvanized both inside and out. For added strength and protection, each component is then coated with a UV clear acrylic finish.
  • Power Coat Finish – Each frame component is put through a 13-step surface preparation process, then receives a baked-on power coat finish which provides maximum protection against corrosion.

The Round Style Shelter cover is made of polyethylene or PVC (depending on weight ordered) that has been treat to block aging, fading and fungus. The tear-resistant, waterproof cover is equipped with a white lining for increased visibility.

Custom Round Style Shelter Options

There are several customization options available for this ShelterLogic Round Style Shelter. In addition to choosing from two frame materials, buyers can customize the standard 8’ frame length by extending it in 4’ increments. Additional areas for customization include:

  • Cover – Fabric weights for cover include standard, heavy duty and ultra duty. Available fabric colors include gray, green, tan and white.
  • Anchor Kits – Available anchor types include Auger, Hook, Cement and Pony Wall.
  • Doors – Rollup, sliding and electric doors can be added to the Round Style Shelter.
  • Accessory Add-ons – ShelterLogic also offers compatible kits for lighting, ventilation, storage shelves and tool hangers.

ShelterLogic Shelter 8′ Round Style Specifications

  • Model 76804: 8′ x 8′ x 8′ Green cover
  • Model 76803: 8′ x 8′ x 8′ Grey cover
  • Model 76814: 8′ x 12′ x 8′ Green cover
  • Model 76813: 8′ x 12′ x 8′ Grey cover
  • Model 76824: 8′ x 16′ x 8′ Green cover
  • Model 76823: 8′ x 16′ x 8′ Grey cover

The Round Style Shelter’s steel frame is long-lasting and durable. Since the cover will eventually wear out after several years of use, the life of the Round Style Shelter can be extended with a replacement cover. When compared to more permanent storage solutions, the sturdy, heavy-duty portable Round Style Shelter is one of the most cost-effective alternatives.

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