Duramax 4′X8′ SideMate Garden Shed and Foundation – 00614 FREE SHIPPING

February 11, 2010

The Duramax 4’x8’ Sidemate Garden Shed has a clean, contemporary appearance that make it a handsome addition to any yard or garden. Designed to be placed adjacent to a house or garage, the SideMate Garden Shed will look like a natural extension of your home structure. It can also be positioned next to a garden wall or fence. The SideMate Shed (Model 00614) is made from durable vinyl and is equipped with a metal foundation. With over 150 cubic ft. of storage space and free shipping, the Duramax SideMate Garden Shed offers exceptional storage value.

Designed to Last

The Duramax SideMate Garden Shed is constructed of weather-resistant vinyl. The neutral sandy beige color of this shed will blend in with any type of landscape. The SideMate Shed’s slatted vinyl walls put it a cut above a metal or wooden storage buildings. Vinyl is maintenance free and will never require painting or refinishing. The SideMate Shed has been treated with fire retardant and is resistant to rust, rot, denting, mildew, mold and fading. The walls are reinforced with a solid metal insert in each column and are snow-load tested for up to 640 lbs of snow (or 20 lbs per square ft). Read more

Duramax SideMate Shed and Foundation (4′ x 8′)

November 19, 2009

If you want something that is extremely durable and will last years to hold all those garden tools look no further. Duramax SideMate shed and foundation will fit the bill perfectly. This is one shed that will take whatever the weather wants to dish out and continue to look beautiful year after year. Read more