Storage Shed or Greenhouse? Is It a Little Dry In Here?

September 26, 2010

There are websites, books, TV shows, and many more sources of information that will tell you home-grown dried herbs are beneficial to your health. I think that most people who garden have thought about growing, harvesting and drying their own herbs at least once. If you’re like me then the idea seemed so simple at the time that you just knew it would be amazing…. until you finished your first attempt and thought, “Hmmmm. I wonder what happened.” Read more

Poly-Tex Snap & Grow Silver 6′ Greenhouse – HG6008 – FREE SHIPPING

March 5, 2010

For the serious gardener, the Snap & Grow Aluminum Frame Greenhouse is a gardening essential. Enjoy the satisfaction of growing plants from seeds and protecting plants from frost with this easy-to-assemble storage greenhouse. In any climate, this ventilated Poly-Tex greenhouse will extend your gardening season. With its roomy 6 x 8 interior storage space, the Snap & Grow Silver Greenhouse is a valuable addition to any yard or garden. It will help you get growing in a snap!

Engineered for Fast and Easy Assembly

The advanced engineering of this Snap & Grow Greenhouse makes assembly fast and easy. The heavy-duty aluminum frame can be quickly assembled thanks to Poly-Tex’s unique SmartLock connector system. Frame pieces snap together with no additional hardware. The crystal-clear polycarbonate SnapGlas panels then slide in and lock into place. No special tools are required. Read more