Duramax WoodBridge Shed (10′5 X 7.8′) – 00211 Free Shipping

February 15, 2010

The Duramax WoodBridge Shed is roomy enough for almost any home storage requirement. With over 480 cubic ft of storage space, this walk-in shed can accommodate lawn mowers, bicycles, patio furniture, pool equipment and more. All-weather vinyl provides a weather resistant, maintenance-free storage solution. A variety of custom options and free shipping make the WoodBridge Shed (model 00211) the perfect choice for any garden or backyard.

This Duramax storage shed is over 10’ wide and has double doors with handles for easy access. Tall enough to stand in, this shed can be used for garden tool storage or to store stepladders or other tall items. It can also be used to store camping equipment, holiday decorations, excess furniture and a wide range of other items. Read more