Suncast Sheds

The Suncast Corporation is a private manufacturing company located in Batavia, Illinois. This company opened in 1984 producing home lawn and garden shed solutions. Over the years they have expanded and now carry over a thousand different shed related products for the home and garden.

This is no small town company with a building that is over 600,000 square feet in size and employs 800 – 900 people. They have ninety production lines which converts more than one hundred million pounds of plastic yearly into high quality Suncast storage sheds. When you buy their sheds you know that you are buying USA made quality products.Many Products From Suncast

You cannot buy from the company directly but must go through an authorized dealer to purchase their products. They have more than 25,000 authorized dealers nationwide. is an authorized dealer of Suncast sheds and offers great prices. With free shipping it is as convenient to buy their sheds online as to have to drive to find a dealer which in turns saves you more money.

Product Lines

Suncast offers a wide variety of sheds from which to choose meaning that checking to see if what you may need will not be a problem. Not only does Suncast build high quality sheds they also produce several other products for outdoor use as well. These include:

Home Storage Line In this line you will find that Suncast manufactures many different products to help with organizing your home and garden. Things such as brooms, mops, hammers and much more can be hung on this system to keep everything in its place. This is much better than trying to use the peg board system and looks great.

  • Resin storage system
  • Slat wall system
  • Storage bins
  • Lockable storage
  • Golf storage
  • Ceiling storage

Outdoor Storage This is usually the hardest area to come up with for storage but not with Suncast products such as patio boxes.

  • Deck boxes
  • Patio accessories
  • Gazebos

Landscape Keeping your landscape clean, neat and easy to work with can be a job but by using these products your job just got a whole lot easier. Rain barrels are wonderful for conserving water for watering all those outdoor plants.

  • Rain barrel
  • Raised garden
  • Edging/fencing

Hose Reels – How many times have you run over the hose because it was not picked up and put away. With their self-winding system it is a new product that runs from water to rewind.

  • Self-winding
  • Hose reels
  • Hose wraps

Pet – With storage for all that dog food there will be no more spills and big bags setting around. Then put your baby in a beautiful dog house that adds charm to your landscape.

  • Dog houses
  • Pet carriers
  • Storage

When using Suncast’s various sheds and other products you will find that they add more than just functionality but also beauty. Go now and check out some of their great sheds at and see just what they can help you with.

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