ShelterLogic Sheds

If you are looking to buy some sort of storage shed or protective covering then ShelterLogic should be on your list. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a storage garage, shed, animal shelter, or canopy they carry it all. ShelterLogic has been on the frontline in pioneering the In-a-Box concept for sheds.

ShelterLogic has worked hard to become a world leader in its field. They have become known as innovators in creating quality ShelterLogic sheds and canopy frames through both the design and manufacturing processes. They create a great line of multi-purpose shelters and storage solutions designed to hold up through any sort of weather.

Perfect for Car Storage

ShelterLogic E Series Car Storage Shed

These cover both consumer and commercial use products and accessories. From pop-up to portable designs and even custom built canopies and shelters, ShelterLogic can handle most anything you can throw their way. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a dog kennel or carport ShelterLogic can meet your every need.

They Gotcha Covered

Sheds - ShelterLogic offers their Shed-in-a-Box® systems that are great for using as tool sheds or storage sheds whether it is garden tools or seasonal storage. With many different styles and sizes they are sure to have one to suit your needs.

Pop-ups - The ShelterLogic pop-ups are the best choice when you are looking for an outdoor canopy. They offer both protection and shade making them the right choice whether you are going to the beach or want cover for garden parties or your next barbecue. These are a great way to reduce your footprint while getting quality as well.

King Canopy 13' x 13' Garden Party Canopy

Canopies - If you just need a simple canopy and want one that is easy to assemble then ShelterLogic has you covered. They offer an entire line of special outdoor canopies that can be the perfect choice for garden canopies, tents for special event, patio covers and so much more.

Garages - ShelterLogic offers their Instant Garage® giving you a heavy duty cover that can withstand all the season and still offer it at an outstanding price. ShelterLogic offers more sizes and styles of garages and shelters than other companies. Imagine if you were to have to pay to build a steel, wood, or even brick and mortar building. ShelterLogic has the price arena easily beat.

Ports - If you are looking for something less than the full cover offered by a garage or shed then ShelterLogic still has your back. Their ports offer the bonus of airflow while keeping the overhead sun off of you and anything you are looking to protect.

Perfect for Beautiful Plants

Weatherguard Lawn & Garden Greenhouse

Greenhouses - ShelterLogic greenhouses extend your growing season and allow you to shelter and start seeds like never before. From our compact Mini Growhouse units to the Backyard Series greenhouses, we have a quality and affordable gardening shelter solution for you.

You can’t buy sheds directly from ShelterLogic but you can from an authorized distributor. Take a look at all ShelterLogic has to offer at and you can bet you will find just what you need. From storing all your outdoor tools to covering any of your other needs ShelterLogic has the right products.

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