FlowerHouse GreenHouses

Portable greenhouses provide a simple, affordable and cost-effective way to protect your plants and extend the growing season.   FlowerHouse has several best value designs in home greenhouses available with ease of design for your needs. Several sizes are available for small plant and container covers, to walk-in designs utilizing light-weight, and simple snap-together designs. These greenhouses are easy to transport, set-up and take down.

FlowerHouse utilizes superior Gro-Tec material with rip stop waterproof protection and is uv ray resistant. The greenhouses are open-bottomed to place over your plants, and in addition screened vents protect against many pests.

FlowerHouse greenhouses have won awards for innovation in the USA, Europe and Asia.

FlowerHouse Pop-up Greenhouses provide room for growing fruits, herbs, spices and vegetables. Other uses include pond covers for water plants, sunrooms, storage facilities and Spa cover.

Categories of FlowerHouse products include:

Hobby Greenhouses



Butterfly Collections

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