About the Editor

Have you ever found yourself needing more space around the house but just can’t find it? Maybe you have looked into the self-storage scene just to find out how expensive it can be over time. Why in the world would you rent when you can own?

This is why I decided to build my site; www.storagesheds360.com. I have definitely been on your side looking out. My name is Mary Henderson and I am an avid gardener. Living in Southwest Florida near the beach has allowed me the opportunity to grow some very beautiful tropical flowers, fruit trees, and even pineapples in my garden which I like to call “A little bit of Paradise.”

I have a wonderful son, daughter-in-law, and two beautiful grandchildren. I am a college graduate with my licensure as a real estate broker and CPA. I am also a former systems engineer as well as a duplicate bridge lecturer on cruise ships.

My hobbies include running, walking, tennis, golf, and (of course) playing duplicate bridge. As you can probably imagine I have collected a lot of gear and stuff over time. From my gardening tools and yard tools to my tennis and golf equipment I have found a great need for room to keep all of these things.

This is where my interest in storage sheds has really been piqued. I found that as much time as I had spent in researching which one would work best for me I could have been better off if there had been a site that could have helped. Now I can help others save the time I missed out on.

By going to my site at www.storagesheds360.com you will be able to look through the various brands and models of storage sheds with ease. No more will you have to cram your things into various nooks and crannies around your home.

It doesn’t matter if you need space for gardening tools or automotive tools. Say you are looking for a storage solution for your starter plants? I have you covered here as well. From permanent storage sheds to those that can be taken down and moved as needed my site has them all.

I have made it a point to choose only the best brands available at the best prices available so I can share all these with you. I invite you to feel free to check out my site. Look around and find the storage shed that is right for you.

Mary Henderson

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